Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year to all!!

This has been a year for new beginnings. And wow I am so excited about where we are headed with our dogs. I can see great promise with the dogs I have coming up. The Tom Coen seminar helped me get a better vision of where I am going with my breeding. The puppies/dogs I have coming up look very promising. My husband is starting a new business and I am very proud of him. Our son Michael is still a handful but a very big joy in my life. Our oldest son John is 21 now and doing well on his own. We are very proud of him too. So as for the year I am happy with the things I have learned this year.

I also have to add that I am very excited to see how our newest litter will turn out. I melt every time when I look at them. They all are so pretty. They all have very pretty heads and are just very pretty. I am also very proud of Grace she is the best mommy. She will do circles and she will not step on anyone of them. Or if she hears one making a noise she will check it out. She is a great mom, and a love bug too.

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  1. Happy New Year to you too! The little Christmas Sheltie in the post below is too cute! Already a little champion :)

    Come and visit us if you like, we're two Shelties from New Zealand and we'd love to be friends!

    Josh and Jessie