Thursday, December 25, 2008

I had to take a chance to introduce some of our up and coming girls here at Daedream. The 1st picture is my husband Todd and my sweet baby girl Jenn "Daedream Movie Star" She is a very sweet loving girl. She loves to be cuddled and held. Our little santa girl is Jenn's litter mate Aruora "Mtn Mysts Daedream Morning Star. She is also a cuddler. Below is another litter mate Tori "Daedream She's A Star". They are from Mtn Mysts In Pomous Dress x Multi Specialty BIS CH Sandance Ardastra. Jenn and Tori will be staying here for the time being. But we will may let one of them go because we don't need to girls from the same litter. But I am having a really hard time picking which one I want to keep. Because I just love both. But Aruora will be going to Mtn Mysts Shelties in CO. I love her too but I couldn' keep them all. We are very excited about them. This litter was co-bred with Toni Pomasl of Mtn Mysts Shelties.

We also have our newest litter co-bred with Shannalee that I have been talking about. Graces litter, they have their eyes open today and they are so beautiful. What a Christmas Present to see their sweet eyes. They all have very blocky heads at this point. And I am very excited about them too. After restarting our Sables this year we have some very pretty prospects coming up. I can not thank the people who helped in that enough. Shannalee, Beki Vale, and Toni Pomasl. These 3 special ladies have been a very special part of the sables you see on this post. I am so excited about them and can not wait to see how they all turn out. Thank you ladies for these lovely babies that you all have been part of.


  1. The girls look really nice and I can understand you have a hard time choosing. Your babies looking promising already. Good luck with them all :o)

    Best wishes

  2. Nice litter Dixie. Your husband has a good eye,, I LOVE Jenn. Cute baby..
    I like the others too,, but Jenn's face is so mushy..